Freshen your Life with Artist's Way

December 13, 2016


Artist’s Way creative Sessions 12 noon-1 pm Thursdays

Want to refresh your creative spirit?  Inspired by the books of Julia Cameron, the group has varied widely from lawyers who write mysteries to musicians.  Each session is distinct so you can drop in for one session or connect for a month at a time.

Now conveniently located West Lake;  join a delightful group of folks facilitated by Ann Ciccolella (Artistic Director).

Contact Alex at Austin Shakespeare dot org


"The most engaging people are attracted to this Artist's Way group, with the aim of connecting to their creativity and to meet like-minded individuals. We know that every person can unlock their creative spirit! So many people long to express it, but procrastinate for a myriad of reasons,” explains facilitator, Ann Ciccolella.

This series will help break down those barriers. Even if you have never done the "Artist’s Way," you will learn to fuel your creativity and do what you have always wanted to do – release the power of your unique voice. If you have done the Artist‘s Way before, this class will serve a renewal of your Morning Pages, Artist's Dates and walking to discover inner passions and fears. Each session will continue activities that help to free yourself from jealousy, guilt and self-sabotage.

From one member: “I went on an ‘Artist’s Date’ to see master violinists play Texas Swing, and decided to try it again, having loved it in college and given it up for more “serious” pursuits.   Artist’s Way convinced me to dare to be bad at it, and the group support helped me persevere.  You’ll be amazed by what you discover on the Artist’s Way.”


From another participant now working on writing her third mystery novel: "I have always loved to write and even dreamed of being a writer as a kid, but hadn't written much the past ten years.  Attending the Artist Way classes motivated me to start again and I even joined a writing group.  Through the Artist Way class, the readings and Ann Ciccolella's positive, engaging style, I am shedding the negative self-talk and taking lots of risks in my writing.  A whole new world has opened up for me and I finding that joy again of writing and experimenting with other creative outlets. My life is vastly richer."  


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