Season Auditions Cast Breakdown

August 13, 2018

Austin Shakespeare Season Auditions begin on Mon Aug. 20 at7 pm at the Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Rd. by APPOINTMENT only.  Contact

Equity SPT 1 and Non Equity actors who receive some pay.  Also accepting resumes from Stage Mangers, Equity and Non-Equity.




Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  by Tennessee Williams rehearsals begin Oct 16- show closes Dec. 2.  Characters: Brick, (age 30's) Big Mama, (age 50's-60's) Gooper, (30's-40's) Mae, (20s-30's) Doctor Braugh, (40's-50's), Rev Tooker, (40-60's)


Already cast: Maggie, and Big Daddy

Three children ages 8-13 will be auditioned separately but those interested can submit headshots now.


Indian Ink by Tom Stoppard. rehearsals begin Jan 15-show closes March 3.  especially interested in actors of Indian and South Asian decent. 

Flora Crewe (age30's-40's) British poet, Nirad Das (age 30's-40's) Indian painter, Eldon Pike (age 30's-40's) British scholar; Coomaraswami (age 30-60's) Indian host, Nazrul (age 20-50's) Indian servant, Anish Das (age 20's-40's) son of Nirad, David Durance (age 30's) British military, Dilip  (any age) Indian servant, a Rajah of India. 

Indian and British accents are a must depending on character.  


Already cast 'Eleanor Swan', and  'Nirad Das'


Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.  Shylock (age 50's-60's) Portia (age 20's-30's) Bassanio (age 20's-30's), Prince of Aragon (age 20's-30's), Prince of Morocco (age 20's-30's), Duke (age 40's3-60's) Antonio (age 20's-40's) Gratiano (age 20's-40's), Salerio (age 30s-40's), Lorenzo (age 20's), Jessica (age 20's), Tubal, Lancelot Gobbo, Old Gobbo, Narissa 

A singer


by APPOINTMENT only.  Contact audtions@austinshakespeare.or



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