Advice to the players Tips on auditioning

Advice to the players

Tips on auditioning 


We hope when you audition you will be present, relaxed and connected. We want to a sense of who YOU are… at first very simply: your voice and body, spirit and personality. We am very interested in the uniqueness you bring to character.  Please, don’t try to guess “what the director wants.” In fact, sometimes we see “something” in someone that we hadn’t anticipated and changed our vision of a character.


Speak in your genuine voice. Don’t pretend to be British or try to create a beautiful sound. We want to hear YOU.


Be clear about what the words mean, ie what you WANT at each moment.  Don’t anticipate.  Discover with each phrase.  


SHARE your story. MEAN what you are saying. The words will get you what the character wants.  KNOW the result you want in this moment from saying these words?


You want to get it NOW as the immediate result. If you working in a scene, LISTEN to your scene partner.  Acting is re-acting.


Plunge into the moment.  Take Risks, surprise us. Surprise yourself…. And enjoy it all your can.  And of course --  Breathe.


NERVES.  It is natural to feel tension at auditioning.  Envision a relaxed environment before you come into the room. Tell yourself that relaxing will help you perform better.  Breathe, drink water.  Encourage yourself to make the audition as a playful as a sport.   Again do what gets you to enjoy, relax and be present.  Let all your tension turn into that energy that is excitement.  


“to celebrate the best within us”  Austin Shakespeare’s motto!

Coach yourself with kindness to do that.



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