ANN CICCOLELLA, Artistic Director. Ann Ciccolella joined Austin Shakespeare as Artistic Director in August 2007, following an eight-year tenure at Austin’s ZACH Theatre as managing director, and executive director at Austin Circle of Theaters for nine years. Ciccolella led the Renaissance Theater Company for ten years, producing and directing Off-Off Broadway shows. Prior moving to Austin, Ciccolella served for three years as associate director for SHAKESPEARE ON WHEELS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country.  In 2013, she directed Off-Broadway for Austin Shakespeare, a new adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Anthem by Jeff Britting at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.



Austin Shakespeare’s mission is to present professional theatre of the highest quality with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare, bringing to the public performances that are fresh, imaginative, thought-provoking, and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today. Founded in 1984 Austin Shakespeare is the only professional classic theatre company in Central Texas.  Austin Shakespeare also brings professional actors and directors directly into the classroom throughout Central Texas.  Austin Shakespeare is a member of the Austin Creative Alliance, and is funded in part by the City of Austin through The Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Next auditions: Sat Sept. 14 from 11 am at Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road.

2019-20 Season

To be performed at the Long Center's Rollins Theater Shakespeare's As You Like It - November 22 - December 8, 2019. To include the music of Austin singer/songwriters.

Rollins' Ibsen's Hedda Gabler - February 14 - March 1, 2020. 

A Midsummer Night's Dream - April 30 - May 24, 2020. Shakespeare in Zilker Park (outdoor)

Week night and weekend rehearsals. Both Equity and Non-Equity contracts. All roles paid.

Prepare 2-minute monologue or read from one of the season plays. All ethnicities welcome.


Please direct all questions to

Tips on auditioning 

From Ann Ciccolella Artistic Director, Austin Shakespeare

To be successful at our audition means you are present, relaxed and connected during your audition. We want a sense of who YOU are… at first very simply: your voice and body, spirit and personality. We am very interested in the uniqueness you bring to a character.  So, don’t try to guess “what the director wants.” In fact, sometimes we see “something” in someone that we hadn’t anticipated and changed our vision of a character.

 *Speak in your genuine voice. Don’t pretend to be British or try to create a beautiful sound. We want to hear YOU.

 *Be clear about what the words mean, .ie. what you WANT at each moment. Don’t anticipate. Discover with each phrase.  

*SHARE your story. MEAN what you are saying. The words will tell you what the character wants. KNOW the result you want in this moment from saying these words.

*You want to get it NOW as the immediate result. If you working in a scene, LISTEN to your scene partner.  Acting is re-acting.

*Plunge into the moment. Take Risks, surprise me. Surprise yourself.And enjoy it all. And of course--Breathe.


NERVES.  It is natural to feel tension at auditions. Envision a relaxed environment before you come into the room. Tell yourself that relaxing will help you perform better. Breathe, drink water. Encourage yourself to make the audition as a playful as a sport. Again do what gets you to enjoy, relax and be present. Let all your tension turn into that energy that is excitement.  


“to celebrate the best within us” is Austin Shakespeare’s motto!

Coach yourself with kindness to do that.

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